Prima Pekingese, ROM

Showing & Loving Pekingese

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When you have an interest in a certain breed of dog, seek out the closest breed club in your area. In my case, being from Springfield, SD at the time, the closest Peke club was the North Central Illinois Pekingese Club and it was 600 miles away. But when you're smitten by a certain breed, and bitten by the dog show bug, you'll travel many miles to immerce yourself in all aspects of the breed: visiting other afficienados of your breed, looking at new litters of puppies, breeding your bitch to a certain dog, and of course, going to dog shows to show off what you have and what you've produced and to see what others are showing and what they've produced.

If you peruse our web site further, you'll discover what led us to this wonderful breed, the Pekingese, and what got us so involved and kept us so interested over the years.

Barbara & Bob Streemke
Prima Pekingese
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Updated January 2018